Cross Compiling Rust for CHIP from macOS

4 September, 2017 |

So you’ve got a CHIP microcomputer, and you want to write some stuff in Rust for it. You can use Rust on the Chip itself because it can be used like a normal Linux computer, but it’s also possible to cross compile then run the binary on the Chip.

Make your terminal pretty with the London Underground

7 February, 2017 |

Like the Tube? Like using a terminal? Like nice colors for that terminal? Well you’re in luck! Because Transport for London’s official colors make a nice theme for your terminal (mostly).

How to Make a Centered Pagination (with Jekyll)

28 October, 2016 |

Here is a quick way how you can make make a pagination that indicates the current page with a few pages around it. This is specific example is done with the Liquid syntax in Jekyll, with pagination done via the Octopress Paginate plugin. But the concept is pretty simple, so you should be apple to apply it to most other templating engines.