Like the Tube? Like using a terminal? Like nice colors for that terminal? Well you’re in luck! Because Transport for London’s official colors make a nice theme for your terminal (mostly).

When I gathered the colors, TfL had two relevant color guides online. One for the London Underground, and one for general TfL stuff (Colour Standard issue 4). The dark colors come from the general guide, and the light colors come from Underground line guide. They greys and background were from the color standards guide (because there were loads more).

There is a couple things to note, some of the light values needed more contrast, so were modified slightly. Also, the dark green color uses the Tram color rather than District Line, because the District’s green was clashed too much. One or two of these colors also is a default to iTerm that I didn’t want to change.

Here are the colors

Foreground/text: F7F7F7
Background: 414B56
Bold: 868F98
Links: 021EA8
Selection: A1A5A7
Selected Text: D6D6D6
Badge: FF2600 (half opacity)
Cursor: D9D8D8
Cursor Text: 000000
[dark] [light]
Black: 000000 868F98
Red: DC241F CC3333
Green: 00BD19 16BC2C
Yellow: FFD329 FFCC00
Blue: 0098D8 0099CC
Magenta: 9B1858 A61C64
Cyan: 93CEBA 66CCCC
White: 868F98 F7F7F7

If your terminal doesn’t have those colors, just skip it.

For added fun, use the font Source Code Pro.